Nigthclub & Bar Owners!

Please visit for information on becoming NLifePAY enabled.

How It Work

Register your card within the APP, then at NLifePAY nightclubs/bar partners simply tap your phone to pay, that's it!

Our unique payment system ensures your credit card or payment ID information is never transmitted over the internet, tapped or sent to the venue at any time.

Never worry about losing your card, card skimming, exposing your card information or revealing your passcode again!

Your Wallets

- Listing of your venue wallets
- Quickly add new venue wallets instantly
- Pre-Load funds, to ensure you never over spend
- Link your venue or events wristband to your wallet
- Order right from your wallet
- Pre-order venue services
- Set a max por auto tip amount

Pre - Load

Pre-load your venue or event account so you never over spend again.

Digital Menu

Order and pay could not be easier! Simply browse the online menu select and pay right from within the app.

Additional Features


Pre-order services such as VIP, Table/Bottle.

Social Media

Access a venue or events social media channels all in one place.


By enabling notification, stay on top of what’s happening at your nightclub or bar. Get automatically notified when you have forgotten your jacket and instructions on how to pick it up.


Seamlessly start collecting rewards instantly.

Note: Not all service are available at all NLifePAY locations.


Download the APP

Search for NLifePAY by oneBand and download the app.


Create an Account

Setup and register your new NLifePAY digital wallet account.


Setup Method of Payment

Setup one or more credit card for fast, secure transactions.



That's it, your ready to enjoy your experience worry free.

Available Fall 2021

Launching Later 2021